Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Busy Bee

For the first time in our lives as parents, Mike and I have reached that "busy every night" phase. There are days where I feel like we meet each other coming and going. Macie and Maddie have both joined after school activities that keep us constantly on the go. Maddie is playing fall soccer and Macie is doing Pittbull Cheerleading. Soccer practice is on Monday nights, cheer on Tuesday/Thursday nights, games for both on Saturday, Church on Wednesday night and Sunday! WHEW!

It's been a wild few weeks and won't slow down until mid-November, but we are loving it. It's been so fun to see the girls find something they enjoy, make new friends and get involved in their community. And because of it, Mike and I have also met several people.

I have also joined the PTO at their school and have kind of jumped in both feet first helping and volunteering up there. I've been to a PTO Work Day where we meet at the school and do all sorts of stuff for the teachers and worked at the Scholastic Book fair last night. I love doing that kind of stuff at the school. It helps me get to know other moms and the teachers, which has been great. I knew the teachers so well at the girl's previous school and just felt at home going in there. It's kind of odd being the "new girl" again, but one thing I've learned in all our moving around is to just jump in and GO! So, that's what I'm doing. :)

I know full well that these busy days with kids won't last forever. The years zoom by and there will come a day when they are off to college or out on their own and we will miss the busyness of these years. So, while there are some nights that all I want to do is stay home, put on my yoga pants, lay on the couch and do nothing, I'm trying to enjoy it all. We are blessed to have children that are healthy and on the go!

For now, I'll grab a few minutes of rest while the littlest one naps before it's time to hop in the car and GO again!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mabrie is 2!

On Monday, September 3rd, we celebrated Mabrie's 2nd birthday! It was such a fun day. It was the Labor Day holiday, so the whole family was home and we made a day of celebrating her.

We woke up and made her cupcakes, wrapped presents and after we all got dressed and ready she got to open her toys. One of her gifts was a little race car track that she had played with at a friends house a few days prior to her birthday. She literally sat for 30 minutes or more playing with it and I told Mike that we HAD to get her one. It kind of went against all that I stand for - you know, little girls need pink, girly things - NOT cars!! HAHA! Even Macie was a little concerned that we were shopping in the "boy toy" section of Walmart. But, she loves it and has played with it every day since. She'll come walking out of her room carrying it behind her and say, "I play my race cars!" Too funny!

After she opened her gifts, we headed to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch. All 3 of the girls were pretty excited about that. They used up 100 tokens and got some really awesome prizes. (Sense my sarcasm??) We don't go to C.E.C. very often, so when we do, it's a real treat for the girls. They all enjoyed it and Mike and I may have enjoyed a few rounds of Ski Ball, too. :)

When we got home, we sang "Happy Birthday" and ate cupcakes. Well, Mabrie more or less licked her cupcake - she may like to play with cars, but she's still girly when it comes to getting her hands dirty. HAHA!

She's such a blessing to our family! She's funny and feisty. Sweet and sassy. All the things you'd expect from a 3rd born. :)

She talks so well and says some of the funniest things. She likes to play with her "cook", which is her kitchen stuff, her race cars, her dolls (she's very well rounded). If she is asking for something, she always says "my my" - like, "I want my my cup" or "I play my my cook". We aren't sure why she says it twice. Maybe she's trying to reiterate that whatever she wants/needs is HERS and no one else's. But, it's cute nonetheless. She loves to watch TV. I mean, I seriously have to limit it or she would have a show on every waking moment. Doc McStuffins (or Doc D. Stuffin, as she calls it), Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Bubble Guppies, Team Umizoomi and Little Einsteins are her top picks. She can maneuver my iphone like nobody's business. She could probably live on popsicles and chicken nuggets if I'd allow it. She loves going to church and from what I understand, she can dominate her class full of boys. HA! She's quite the little character, but we wouldn't change a thing about her.

Mabrie - mommy and daddy can't believe you are already 2! You have blessed us and are loved more than you'll ever know! We pray for your little life - that God would use you in a great way as you grow. We are so thankful that God gave you to us. Happy Birthday, little goose! We love you!!