Thursday, March 1, 2012

Things I'm Loving

My mom brought to my attention that I haven't blogged or updated my facebook much the past week and I told her that I just haven't had many interesting or creative thoughts here lately that I felt were worthy to share. :) But, that got me thinking and I've come up with some things that I'm seriously loving right now.

First, as most of you know, our church is working hard toward building an orphanage in Haiti. Hope Rising Children's Home is no longer just a dream, but quickly becoming a reality! Praise God! We have officially secured the deed on the land in Leogane, Haiti and it's so exciting to think that we will be able to move forward with this process and provide a safe, clean, happy home for these children. And more than that, they are going to hear and learn about Jesus and how he loves them and is a Father to the fatherless - a Father for them, and me, and you. Awesome stuff! You can check out the website for Hope Rising HERE! And add it to your bookmarks because very soon we will be able to sponsor children and buy cool stuff - and all proceeds will go right to the children!

Second, and in line with the first thing I'm loving, is my friend's hand-stamped jewelry that she's making to raise money for those sweet kids. I bought a necklace and it's SO cute! She has several options available and can even customize it to your specifications. She's going to even start making hand-stamped jewelry for mothers/grandmothers! And they are VERY reasonable! If you've ever priced the hand-stamped jewelry, you know how expensive it can get - her stuff is so pretty and affordable for everyone! Go to facebook and "Like" her page! Just search "Hand Stamped Jewelry for Hope Rising Children's Home" or click HERE to link right to it!

The third thing I'm loving is my new workout program! I joined Crossfit a couple of weeks ago and it's been great! Mike has been doing Crossfit for 6 weeks now and would come home every night talking about how great it was and I just had to try it our for myself. I'm so glad I did! It's perfect for me - it's a tough (and by tough, I mean brutal) workout each day, but the environment is just what I love. People are encouraging and friendly. You don't feel like you are in a meat market, there are no mirrors on the walls, the girls are actually dressed and don't come waltzing in wearing full makeup and skin tight clothes - and I've already made some great, new friends. The owners are a wonderful Christian couple that Mike and I have both really enjoyed getting to know. Check out their website if you want some info - Crossfit413

And the last thing I'm loving is this glorious weather we've had the past couple of days! I'm beyond ready for spring and when the weather forecast today said a high of 77, I slapped on my t-shirt and flip flops, opened my windows and just enjoyed every moment of it! When I had to run some errands, you better believe my windows were down! My hair looked wild, but I don't care. It's worth it! I'm so excited that it's finally March! I love spring and watching everything turn green again and start to bloom. Hopefully we'll get to enjoy a nice long few months of spring this year and not jump too quickly into the blazing heat of summer - because if anyone recalls - last summer was awful. But let's not think about that right now - let's just enjoy the wonderful 70 degree temps and be thankful!

So, there you have it - just a few things that I'm really digging. Yeah, that's right. I said digging. Cause I'm cool like that. :)