Friday, December 21, 2012

Catching Up

I guess what I've decided is that I'm kind of a once every 6-8 weeks blogger. I'm sure that sets me up for huge blogging success. I just get in this rut where I feel like there's either A) Not much to say or B) So much to say/do that I don't have time to sit down and gather my thoughts.

So basically here's what I've/We've been up to since, oh you know, October.

Let's start with Halloween, shall we? We don't really "celebrate" Halloween, we more or less spend as little as possible on a cute costume, go to the Fall Festival at our church (which the girls LOVE) and then visit a few neighbors for some candy. And that's about the extent of it - fun night, the girls have a ball and I get a bowl full of candy and a flabby gut. It's great.

Macie and Maddie were pirates this year and Mabrie had this cheerleader outfit from Mike's parents last year, so she wore that. Cute, cheap, simple - just the way I like it!

Macie was selected as Student of the Month for her class in October. We are so proud of her. She's a good student, loves to learn and loves school. They had a breakfast and an award day where they acknowledged all the student that were selected. Good job, Macie!!

One day the girls were super bored and asking me what they could do that would be fun and different. I follow another blog and saw that she had her kids do leaf rubbings, so I grabbed paper, crayons and sent them outside to collect leaves. It turned into a fun project - they created some cute pictures with their leaves and even better, they had fun, got along with each other and it was free. Not everything has to cost money to be fun - and they learned that on this particular day!

We traveled to Illinois over Thanksgiving to visit Mike's family and had a blast. We were able to stay almost a full week, which was really nice. We don't get that many days off very often, so usually our trips are much more rushed. It was a fun and relaxing week. We ate way too much, laughed a ton, celebrated Christmas, visited Promed (Mabrie was sick), and shopped on Black Friday! It was a great time!

December has been full of decorating our house for Christmas, Christmas parties, shopping, and lots more. I still don't have all my gifts purchased and plan to get that done tonight or tomorrow. I've never been this far behind before - it's kind of stressing me out. Life just stays so busy and when there's a moment to just sit and rest, that's really all I want to do. So therefore, I'm 4 days away from Christmas and still have about 5 gifts to buy. Oh well, I'll get finished and we will have a wonderful Christmas with our girls and later in the week with my family. Can't wait!! I love this time of year - school is out, life slows down and we get to spend time with family!

Merry Christmas, everyone!