Thursday, January 9, 2014

School's out for...Winter?!

The question I'm beginning to ask myself - will my children EVER go back to school? This snowstorm has caused them to miss Tuesday-Friday of this week. Now, that wouldn't be TOO bad if this didn't butt up to Christmas break, which butted up to moving and missing the last week of school in Arkansas. So as of right now, my girls have been out of school for 4 full weeks. FOUR! Now that is one looonnngggg Christmas break. We have been so sick of being at home that the last 3 days (against my better judgement) I strapped them in the car and headed out onto the icy, snowy roads and headed to the YMCA, Kroger, Michael's and/or Walmart. What else is a mom to do? We can only be in this house so much before we all start losing our minds. And patience. And to make it more awesome, it started snowing again this afternoon and once again - no school tomorrow.

Really, Indiana. REALLY?! Come on - let's agree that that's enough snow for one season and move along to warmer temps. And by warmer, I'm not even being unreasonable. I understand that it's January in the north. Can we agree that mid-30's is cold enough?
-40 wind chills are for Eskimos. Do I look like and Eskimo? No! Save that crud for Alaska.

So now, I have to figure out what to do with these 3 tomorrow that involves as little driving as possible and staying warm. That will probably mean going to the YMCA again and that's fine because they love it. And I was so happy to be out of the house yesterday that I ran my fastest miles ever. I did 2 miles in under 18 minutes. Of course I was listening to Fall Out Boy and so I was in fact on FIIRREEE!! Can anyone listen to that song and not feel the need to fist pump? I really had to hold back while on the treadmill otherwise I feared I'd end up going viral on YouTube where people laugh and make fun of me.

My girls did get to facetime with their besties today, so that made me happy. I got in on the facetime action with Macie, Ireland and Melissa tonight and it made my heart happy. I love that about technology - we may be states away from each other, but we can still sit and talk face to face and then we don't feel so far away.

I met a sweet girl yesterday while at the Y and we got chatting (I know you're all shocked). She told me about their church and invited us to try it out this Sunday. We plan to do just that. We are excited to find a church home and get involved. Making new friends and feeling a part of the community is so important to us - and a great way to do both of those things is by getting involved in church and a small group. Hoping that God shows us where He wants us to join and serve soon! We are ready!

Another much less important thing that I'm ready for is a cute pair of rain boots. Trudging in and out of the stores the past few days has me thinking that rain boots would be a good thing to own. There's so much snow/slosh that I need shoes that I can just rinse off. I found a couple cute pairs online from Target. I need to order those bad boys soon.

Ok, friends, family, other random people that I don't know but somehow found my blog - good night. I gotta get in bed so I can get up and at 'em tomorrow. Oh yeah, that's right - I don't have to get up and at 'em. Because snow day.

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